An International Section growing up … !

Many AIMs civil engineers fulfill a part or their whole careers abroad, outside our Belgian borders not only in the neighboring regions but also in much more farer countries, and this in order to develop industrial Projects in high economical potential countries but also to contribute deeply as actors in cooperation & development Projects.

Mindful that the AIMs Heritage relays itself abroad since decades through the local presence, the work, Project’s follow-up and surely also the commitment of our « montois’s civil engineers » and at a time at which the "local" and the "global" merge more and more themselves, we felt here that it was more than important to highlight a few our expatriates (> 9.52 % of the workforce in 2013-2014) and to reserve them a specific space on our website, this too, in the open-minded and discovery spirit that has always driven our association.

This being in our mind, we felt that it was more than important to put our expatriates under light (> 9.52% of the workforce in 2013/2014), that’s why we decided to reserve them a dedicated space on our web site, this also in the spirit of opening and discovery that has always driven our association.

This space will also facilitate the exchanges and sharing of experiences between "confirmed expatriates" and "beginners" or students seeking first job experiences or internships abroad. The AIMs promotes in such a way the exchange of information (Diploma’s equivalences, Professional Engineers Orders, Contact with Alumni’s Associations and Local Professional Associations, Exchanges of Practical Information, Receptions & Events, ...) between established members abroad and those who wish to engage themselves in an activity, either by wishing installing themselves in abroad countries either by carrying out regular missions.

Engineering sciences students mobility develops itself and offers more and more mobility programs such as "Erasmus +" or double degree agreements such as those negotiated through the Network of Excellence "Top Industrial Managers for Europe." The development of a consistent industrial internships offer abroad is a motivating short-term goal for our association, strengthening in such a way the interaction between the University (U-MONS FPMs) and us (AIMs).

Contact points abroad are identified to efficiently contribute to these objectives in a personalized approach: See table below.

« Current List of Ambassadors »/« Local Correspondents »

The « AIMs International Section » in short

The AIMs’s Heritage abroad

The following chart n°SI-1/2 (Updated 06/2015) gives the reader an idea of the geographical distribution of our AIMs civil engineers worldwide.

The chart n°SI-2/2 below provides an overview of the current continental distribution of our members (Updated 06/2015). Although most of our members are based in the EUs (~ 77%), no minus than 23% of our members are found on distant continent.

You would like to get more information for future activities abroad :

A short E-mail to with your request and we will be pleased to put you in touch with our local contact !

You want to become a local correspondent of our AIMs Association ?

Please fill in our "Contact Sheet AIMs International" below and return it to, we will be happy to send you the “AIMs Ambassador's Pack”.

Contact Sheet AIMs International 2014 FEDS

MM. Pierre DEHOMBREUX & Pierre DUPONT are in charge of this new "AIMs at the International Unit"